Actis ticks all the ‘mandatory competencies’ boxes at RIBA CPD Providers Network event

The importance of sustainability, ethical practice and health and safety were key topics at a recent RIBA CPD Providers Network event attended by Actis specification manager Amaret Chahal.

It was both the first meeting of the network since the start of the Covid pandemic, and the first time Actis had been invited to join other RIBA-approved CPD providers at the event, following the inclusion of one of its training modules into the RIBA CPD stable.

Speakers talked about the increasingly important role played by digitization in the construction industry, and cited NBS Source, where Actis Hybrid products can be found and incorporated into wider project specifications.

They examined ways to increase audience engagement, by offering follow up resources and educational handouts to enhance the CPD experience.

And they looked at the three ‘mandatory competencies’ expected of RIBA-approved architects – understanding of climate policy, health and safety and ethical practice.

Amaret explained: “It was a very validating experience. We’re already offering follow up support and helpful resources to our CPD delegates as well as having plenty of educational material on our website and via our specification and technical team. Another positive takeaway was that Actis ticked all three of the ‘mandatory competencies’ boxes for specifiers.

“Our recent Cradle to Cradle certification highlights the sustainability and social equity credentials of our flagship insulation product Hybris, and praises our zero-waste policy and Hybris’ 100% recyclability.

“In fact, it’s the second certification of this nature we’ve achieved this year, with several Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) showing Actis Hybris’ impressive cradle to grave environmental footprint.

“Not only that, but our products are very clean and safe to use. They produce no dust or fibres, which means there’s no requirement for respiratory protection, making it a healthy alternative to traditional insulation.”

The Actis RIBA-accredited CPD, Addressing the performance gap with reflective insulation, which is currently available online, is also being promoted via RIBA’s website, and the Institute’s monthly newsletter.

The first out of three available CPD modules from Actis looks at how to bridge the gap between designed and as-built performance, and achieve optimal energy efficiency by having a fabric first approach. It is available to RIBA chartered architects, who, along with their non-RIBA affiliated counterparts, must complete 35 hours of CPD every year.

RIBA-approved CPDs are worth double the points of a standard CPD and are therefore much prized by members, with 76% of them choosing training which has been specifically approved by the professional body.

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