Latest Actis information booklet is aimed at timber framers

Following the release of its Reflective Insulation Products, Solutions and Systems and Insulation Solutions for Park Homes guides, it has now produced the next in an ongoing series of instructional leaflets aimed at specifiers, architects, builders, timber frame manufacturers and developers.

The Actis Timber Frame Application Guide offer charts, diagrams and advice on using quick, easy and cost effective honeycomb style insulation Hybris and insulating vapour control layer HControl Hybrid to create a highly insulated, airtight home.

The two products, along with insulating breather membrane BoostR Hybrid, are designed to be used as a complete system in new builds, extensions and conversions, and are increasingly popular in the timber frame, pod, park home and shipping container market.

The booklet shows how much Hybris, in conjunction with HControl Hybrid, is required in a range of stud sizes to meet U-value requirements in England, Scotland and Wales. Even within slim stud sizes as low as 89mm the systems meet building regulations  across the UK.

As well as enabling builders to meet U-value requirements, using thermal blankets such as HControl Hybrid helps to counteract thermal bridging  - and Y-values below 0.022 W/m2K can be achieved. This can unlock drastic improvements in SAP calculations – offering cost savings, maximising site potential and providing flexibility in specification.

Low U-values account for around 45% of building fabric’s thermal efficiency, thermal bridging makes up around 25% and airtightness represents approximately 30%.

Download the booklet in pdf format here