Actis Hybrid Insulation products

Actis-loving couple shoot You Tube video to help other self-builders create their dream home

A Cornish couple who wanted to extend their home as sustainably as possible to accommodate their growing family have shared their experiences on YouTube and Instagram with the aim of saving other self-builders the hassle of researching the best way to convert a loft.

Ben Jones and Corinne Evans-Jones wanted to create living space in the loft of their Newquay bungalow, and one key requirement was to source sustainable insulation products. When they heard about the Actis Hybrid range they decided this was the answer they had been looking for – and roped in ever-willing Actis sales manager Tom Hendzel to show them how to install it.

Tom, who is no stranger to teaching, having being praised for his prowess in the classroom by construction trainees at a Cornwall college, gladly stepped in to show the couple how to install honeycomb style insulation Hybris and insulating vapour control layer HControl Hybrid in the dormer walls and ceiling.

His demonstration forms part of the start-to-finish video diary shot during the entire period of the extension project.

The couple chose Actis following recommendations about its eco credentials, and the fact that it is quick, clean and easy to install – with no fibres or dust to contend with!

Ben explained: “Having outgrown our bungalow and needing more space but not wanting to leave our first family home we made the decision to extend up into the loft. We spent a long time trying to find how others had done something similar, what products and materials they used. We found lots of amazing finished conversions, but none that showed the whole process.”

So he and Corinne hope the video will provide all the answers asked by others in their situation.

As well as their famed ease and cleanliness of installation, Actis Hybris scores highly on the environmental front and has earned two environmental certifications in the past couple of years.

It is the only reflective insulation in Europe to have earned international Cradle to Cradle certification, which praises the insulation specialist’s zero waste policy, Hybris’ 100% recyclability, and the lower fuel consumption used during production and transportation. Hybris has also received several Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) which emphasise the product’s impressive cradle to grave environmental footprint.

Actis is reducing its environmental impact further, with plans to see all five of its production plants in South-West France fully solar-powered by the end of 2024 already under way.

Ben and Corinne’s start to finish video diary is on You Tube, with extra nuggets on Instagram