Actis shares its expertise with Cornish students during National Apprenticeship Week

Actis has been helping young construction trainees learn about the value of insulation – by spending a day with students at a Cornwall college during National Apprenticeship Week last week.

South-West area sales manager Tom Hendzel joined one of his Jewson contacts at Truro and Penwith College’s Penzance campus to help expand the knowledge of both students and lecturers on how Actis Hybrid products can help improve thermal efficiency while being quick, clean and easy to use.

Around 50 young people took part in the educational sessions throughout the day, which saw Tom discussing the different types of insulation available and the merits of using reflective products.

The day was so successful, lecturers have asked Tom to return every year to help each new cohort of students – even offering him a job if he ever fancied a change of career!

Tom explained: “A few of the students have worked on site and know about rigid board, so they knew it was messy and time consuming. I asked them what they could tell me about what insulation does and what types they knew about. I explained how reflective insulation works and mentioned that air is free insulation.”

The sessions finished with fun time trials which saw the students split into teams to install Actis honeycomb insulation Hybris into mock-up stud walls. The winning team won much-coveted Actis T-shirts.

“The students were really engaged – and so were the lecturers, who were very keen for literature and sample Hybrid products. As well as educating the students, the staff found it a very useful experience to add to their own pool of knowledge. And as an added bonus, I got a lot out of it myself. It was great to see everyone so interested in what we do and how our products can help –not only by improving thermal efficiency, but by making the lives of the installers easier and more pleasant and reducing the waste which can be generated by solid insulation alternatives.”

The college’s construction programme team leader Steve Piff added: “This training is invaluable to staff and students alike. It is essential that staff keep up to date with latest construction methods. We could not do this without the likes of your company’s help. Tom has a natural ability with delivery and a rapport with students. We really enjoyed the training, as did the students.”

A student added: " Seeing the new technology compared to the old was very interesting and I look forward to using it on site.”