“We selected Actis Boost’R Hybrid as it’s a breather membrane which is combined with an excellent thermal performance. Its suitability to all BS5534 wind zones meant work could take place regardless of the weather conditions.”

Mark Purvis, Burton Roofing Merchants


“Our customers have also told us that because the Hybrid products are so much quicker to install their labour costs are reduced. When you add it all together – clean to install, labour saving in terms of time, easy to transport because of its small size, surprisingly effective thermal efficiency and the fact that it can be around 20% cheaper than alternatives, it’s a bit of a no brainer to use Hybrid products.”

Steve Boyle, Co-owner, Stockport Timber




“Where possible now we’ll recommend Actis because it’s easier to use and LABC approved and we can say that with confidence.”

Ray Parker, former LABC officer





“We can reduce insulation installation time by up to 30%. The new Actis Hybris panels are easy to cut to exactly the right size so they simply slot into the stud wall which reduces cutting and installation time even further."





“Other benefits were minimal wastage and site cleanliness and the Hybrid range does not produce irritant and messy dust when installing.”

Scandia-Hus MD Derek Dawson



“We chose Actis Hybrid not only for its impressive thermal efficiency, but also for the ease, cleanliness and the speed with which it can be installed. The fact that the products are flexible and can be shaped firmly around corners and into awkward spaces addresses thermal bridging issues – thus increasing thermal efficiency. In addition, they produce no dust or fibre which means there is no need for masks or special clothing.”

Neil Donaldson, Director Cre8a, Fair Share Group




“In previous developments we’ve used a glass wool which is cheaper up front, but I believe the Hybrid is a much better product which saves money in the long run because it is such good quality and is so quick and easy to install that we save on labour costs. I also really like the fact that there is very little wastage and it’s such a clean product to use.”

Grant White, Director, Discovery Homes



“The Hybrid system saves time, is easy to use and handle, the cost is comparable to our other alternatives and there’s no wastage. What particularly appealed was the physical flexibility of the materials aligned with the ease of installation.”

Moduloft buyer Paul Thompson




“Actis Hybrid has lots of positives. It’s good for U-values, is very light, environmentally excellent and doesn’t take up much room. It’s very easy to work with, makes no mess and you can cut it with a normal saw. Using this has cut our insulation installation labour time in half.”

Nick Clegg, Pod Living





“Laying Boost R Hybrid was significantly quicker than cutting rigid foil board to fit in between the rafters. Another bonus was it was easy to cut and less messy.”

Sean Lorains, AS Roofing




“The insulation is phenomenal. It’s by far and away superior to anything I’ve ever used.”

Isle of Wight builder Phil Clabburn




“This is so much easier, quicker and more comfortable to work with than any other type of insulation.”

Lincoln builder Brian Goodwin




“The ease of installing the products meant my labour was reduced by around 25% compared to installing traditional insulation materials.”

Canterbury builder Simon Day




“We found out it was better than other insulation and reasonably priced. Labour time was cheaper too.”

Cornwall builder Paul Isherwood



“I have no doubt that this type of insulation is the way forward, it is so much easier to install. I am sure the number of new builds using this type of insulation will increase rapidly based on its performance and ease of use.”

Lincoln builder Brian Goodwin



“The material costs were approximately three quarters of what I would have spent if I’d used traditional insulation materials to achieve the same thermal performance.”

Canterbury builder Simon Day


“Air tightness is crucial. Actis expands itself into a void and the ' blanket' layer is belt and braces. It was also easy to cut, with no mess and no waste.”

Isle of Wight builder Phil Clabburn




“I was stunned at just how quickly the property warms up and how well the heat was retained.”

Canterbury builder Simon Day




“It’s a lot quicker with Actis.”

Cornwall builder Paul Isherwood



“There are no fibres and no dust is created when you cut it, which means I didn't need a respiratory mask or any special clothes – I was almost as clean when I got home as when I started the job.”

Canterbury builder Simon Day




“We always encourage our clients to use the Actis range of products - quite simply because they do a marvellous insulating job, produce minimum waste which is easy to dispose of and they are easy to install – and to round it off, Actis insulation is excellent value for money.”



“The client agreed that the Actis Hybrid system is incredibly easy to install and the financial savings over other forms of insulation used to meet the same U-value can be quite substantial.”

“It’s such a versatile product which performs very well.”


Steve Boyle, Co-owner, Stockport Timber


“Everyone agrees that the main benefits of Actis from the installer’s point of view are cleanliness and reduced waste. From the building designer’s perspective, its performance and flexibility with regard to reducing thermal bridging are probably top of the list.”





Building seven five bedroom timber frame homes in Warminster


“It makes financial sense to ensure the fabric of the building is efficiently insulated before starting to add elements like renewables. After all, there’s no point generating heat if it’s going to vanish out through the walls. 





“I was amazed at just how thermally effective the Actis products are. I’ve always used traditional insulation in the past, believing this to be the best option. But the fact that the Actis products are flexible and can be wrapped around odd shapes and squashed into gaps means the whole building is pretty airtight – there are no odd nooks and crannies from which heat can escape.”

Adam Jones, Custom Built, Wiltshire