Our commitments

our commitments

Our commitments

Reducing energy consumption is one of the main preoccupations in the building sector and plays a primary role in the achievement of energy transition targets. Whether it is for new builds, with the emergence of positive energy buildings, or for renovations, insulation is one of the primary factors in achieving this.

High thermal performance tested according to the EN 16012 standard

ACTIS HYBRID insulation products are laboratory tested according to the EN 16012 standard and have achieved very high thermal resistance levels pursuant to this standard.

Weather conditions such as wind and rain might have an impact on performance levels. However, these are not taken into account by official laboratory tests. This is why, in addition to laboratory testing, ACTIS have also conducted tests under real conditions (in-situ) according to ISO 9869. Insulation products tested under actual conditions are also certified by the accredited body, BM Trada.

ISO 9001 certified products regarding manufacturing quality

The quality of our products is one of our main preoccupations. An insulation product is not effective unless it maintains its performance levels over time.

ACTIS has been ISO 9001 certified for quality since July 2005. This certification covers "the design, manufacture and commercialisation of our insulation solutions, as well as in-situ testing to measure thermal performance levels".

To guarantee the quality of our products ACTIS manufacture most components of our insulation solutions in-house. Since January 2008, all ACTIS products are assigned a tracking number identifying the fabrication batch to which they belong. Products can be tracked for up to 10 years after their manufacturing date.

ACTIS also control product quality over the entire manufacturing chain, from raw materials to the finished product, as well as production and measurement tools, packaging and distribution. Over 100,000 tests are conducted each year under our quality control procedures and audits are performed on an annual basis by Bureau Veritas to ensure compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

Recycling & Sustainability - doing more with less


Healthy insulation products both for installers and end-users

We pay particular attention to the well-being of all users of our products. Both professionals and end users benefit from insulation solutions which have been developed to provide the highest levels of comfort and unequalled ease of fitting.

They are also designed to reduce emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and they do not release irritating fibres. This means that masks, protective goggles and gloves do not need to be used when fitting them. The materials we use make our products extremely light. 

We are constantly innovating to improve performance and comfort.

Since our company was founded, we have been constantly innovating to improve design and development processes in order to be able to offer effective solutions and alternatives to conventional insulation products. To achieve this, we take nothing for granted. We mainly focus our efforts on the needs of our customers and ways in which we can best meet them while complying with regulatory requirements. Our R&D department studies every aspect, including the materials and technology used, all the way down to thicknesses.

ACTIS also innovates in order to limit the environmental impact of its products and to create products which are easy to use. We have therefore developed products producing the lowest possible environmental and health impacts over the entire life cycle.

Environmentally-friendly products

Since 2003, ACTIS has made every effort to reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible and has implemented a rigourous Quality, Safety and Environment policy.

This aspect is fully integrated into the company's business processes, from the selective sorting of waste to optimise the management over the production and transport of finished products, in order to reduce energy consumption as far as possible.

By way of example, careful stacking and palleting of certain products has enabled us to reduce the number of delivery lorries we use by 20%.


We have also implemented a procedure to recover almost 100% of rejects from HYBRIS insulation. The rejects are ground up and transformed into granules which are then reintroduced into the component production line.

What is more, our Research & Development Department plays an active role in this approach through, in particular, the eco-friendly design of products. For example, our new HYBRIS insulation range is resilient enough to be compacted for transport while retaining optimal characteristics after unpacking. Thanks to the materials we use, our products are rot-proof and do not require additional fungicides.

Lastly, in an effort to provide transparency for our customers, we always perform Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) for all of our insulation products.

Strong customer relationships

One of our strengths is our ability to listen to our customers and meet their needs. These dialogues are essential in that they enable us to evolve our products and to develop new insulation solutions to provide alternatives which fully meet their expectations in terms of return on investment, comfort and durability.

We are proud of the friendliness of our sales staff, our technical support team and our after-sales service which all support industry professionals by providing advice before, during and after work is performed at the site.

our commitments
Our commitments

When developing insulation solutions, ACTIS is always looking to provide optimum comfort for both installers and end-users: comfortable temperatures both in winter and summer, comfortable sound levels, long-lasting comfort with insulation performance levels which do not change over time (rot-proof materials, no compaction), compliance with interior air quality standards and ease of installation.