Our expertise

our expertise

ISO 9001 certified and 100% made in France

Proud of the local heritage, all ACTIS products are 100% made in France.

Our sites have been ISO 9001 certified for quality since July 2005.

We regularly invest in our production sites to remain at the cutting edge of technology and to reduce our environmental impact. ACTIS has invested €82 million both in its sites and in R&D.

Our know-how

The quality of our products relies on a mastery of all trades which are essential to the manufacture of insulation products. By producing most of the components required for our products ourselves, we control all aspects of the process:

  • Plastics: extrusion of cellular foams and plastic films and metal plating of films
  • Textiles: manufacture of intermediate layers of thin multi-layer insulation products based on textile fibres.
  • The lamination of metallised films with a grill to provide solidity
  • Final assembly of products

Eco-friendly design 

Eco-friendly design is one of the priorities of our Research & Development department. We therefore always take all aspects into consideration (materials, production, transport) to reduce the carbon footprints of our products over their entire life cycles, from the design stage onwards.

Regarding HYBRIS insulation, the choice of materials we use enables us to recover 100% of rejects, which are reintroduced into the manufacturing process, we also compact our products to make them easy to transport.

Research & Development

> Innovation has always been an important factor in the identity and culture of ACTIS. ACTIS invests 5% of its turnover in Research and Development each year. We have invested a total of 82 million Euros in our production sites and R&D to develop innovative and high-performance manufacturing processes.

> The company employs a team of 10 Research and Development staff working in 3 main areas:

  • Fundamental research (experimental work on the acquisition of new knowledge regarding materials and physical phenomena);
  • Applied research to achieve a particular target or objective;
  • Innovation and development of prototypes.

> The Research and Development team works on design and industrialisation processes which meet the requirements of thermal regulations regarding energy efficiency, airtightness and comfort in summer.

The laboratory uses the latest equipment and technologies available when conducting at work, in particular warm boxes, flow meters, dynamometers and rheometers.

ACTIS factory

High-quality customer service

Intended both for builders and installers and end-users, our products are manufactured and sold with the constant aim of providing quality and good customer service.

To achieve this we use a variety of resources and tools to provide assistance on a daily basis:

  • Proven technical support services
  • Installation Guidelines with detailed fitting instructions
  • Instruction videos
  • Assistance at the start of work
  • Special training courses for companies via Cortexa
  • Development of a CPD
our expertise
Our expertise

All 4 of our French manufacturing sites based are ISO 9001 certified. ACTIS put quality and innovation at the heart of its philosophy. The 40,000 tests are conducted each year, over 25 patents have already been filed and 5% of turnover is reinvested in research and development each year.