Benefits of reflective insulation products

benefits of reflective insulation products

What is reflective insulation?

Reflective insulation is a composite of an insulating core material with reflective faces. Reflective films act as a barrier to thermal transfer by radiation and the insulation core material acts against conductions. Reflective insulation products are typically airtight and if joints are taped during installation can avoid air infiltration and act against convection. 

Type of reflective insulation?

There are a number of reflective insulation products on the market including foil faced rigid insulation and construction boards with flat faced. Traditionally they are installed between timbers or cavities within a thermal element. There are also flexible products with parallel faces but irregular in shape (e.g. Actis Hybris).
Reflective multifoil insulation is an airtight multi-layered complex composed of a series of reflective films interspersed with separators such as wadding and foam. All the layers put together act as an insulating blanket. These products are typically installed as a continuous layer across structural members (e.g. Actis Boost’R Hybrid and HControl Hybrid).

How do they work?

Generally, reflective insulation reduces heat transfer by counteracting all modes of heat transfer (radiation, convection, conduction…). They are particularly efficient at limiting thermal transfer by radiation. Films have usually a high vapour resistance and are reflective. In the case of multifoil blanket insulation, each internal reflective foil of a multifoil insulation acts as an additional barrier to thermal transfer by radiation.

Benefits of ACTIS reflective insulation products

High performance insulation products tested and certified as per the EN 16012 standard

All Hybrid products can be used as standalone solutions or in a combination to achieve the highest U-value requirements with a minimal thickness.

They are all CE Marked and have been certified within the LABC Registered Construction Details scheme.

Clean insulation products which improve air quality

ACTIS reflective insulation products are classed A+ according to the ISO 16000 standard regarding emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), this is the lowest possible emission threshold for interior air quality. They do not contain formaldehyde, cyanide or any other harmful chemical agent. They are harmless for both the fitters and the occupants and do not release dust or irritating fibres.

Consistent temperatures both in winter and summer

Good insulation is not only needed during the 3 winter months, protection from the heat in summer is also important. Instead of absorbing heat, reflective insulation products return over 75% of infra-red radiation to the exterior, preventing internal surfaces from heating up and reducing the need for air-conditioning.

 - In summer: they reflect radiant heat outwards, which means a comfortable temperature even in the attic.
 - In winter: they retain the heat and prevent cold air from penetrating the building.

Long-lasting comfort with durable insulation performance levels

Reflective insulation products don’t suffer from the effects of humidity (rot-proof materials) or wind (airtight), meaning they are very long-lasting. Being so light, they don’t suffer from sagging after installation, so avoiding the risks of thermal bridging.

HYBRIS honeycomb insulation is both light and highly rigid in the vertical axis, it does not slump down over time unlike other traditional insulation products which have built-in "compaction coefficients" creating a risk of thermal bridging.

Airtightness as well as insulation

When a building is not airtight its energy consumption is significantly increased. ACTIS reflective insulation products are intrinsically airtight and form a barrier to the infiltration of air and heat loss by convection.

They do not require additional sealing membranes, unlike conventional permeable insulation products, the performance of which falls dramatically when they are not made airtight.

Clean insulation products, both for the installer and end-users

ACTIS insulation products contain no harmful chemical agents (e.g. formaldehyde, cyanide) and do not release dust or irritating fibres. Breathing masks and goggles are not required during the fitting procedure.

Soundproofing performance

The acoustic performance of an insulation product is important in providing comfort. Noise can be a nuisance which can actually damage your health. There are several solutions to protect against this: the best technical solution is to attenuate noise by efficiently insulating the walls in the building. The acoustic performance of ACTIS insulation products is highly appreciated by customers.

Maximum performance with minimum thickness

Reflective insulation products present excellent performance / thickness ratios thanks to their design and their inherent properties. The materials are so flexible that it can be fitted over the rafters and between them. HYBRIS rigid honeycomb insulation but can also be easily cut for fitting between rafters. The space between rafters is judiciously used to obtain a very low total insulation thickness.

Create extra living space

ACTIS solutions therefore provide significant gains in living space per m² when fitted in interiors, and fitting in roof spaces from the exterior does not require significant extra roof height.

Thanks to the flexibility of the material and their technical design characteristics, ACTIS insulation products can easily be fitted between rafters. They have excellent “efficacy / thickness" ratios. They can provide extra interior living space and are easy to fit without the need for significant amounts of work.

Easy and quick to fit to save time

Thanks to their flexibility, ACTIS insulation products can be quickly and easily fitted on all types of supports. They are light and easy to handle. They are easy to cut using either the ACTIS cutter or an installation saw.