CPD module

Addressing the performance gap using REFLECTIVE INSULATION


This CPD module reflects on the issues causing the Performance Gap and discusses solutions on how to overcome this industry wide problem using reflective insulation systems.


There are a number of reasons for the discrepancy between designed and as-built performance of buildings and all professionals involved in the construction process play their part in creating the performance gap. Initiatives such as the Zero Carbon Hub urge industry to take action and provide robust answers to address the deficit. Manufacturers in particular are under scrutiny when it comes to demonstrating as-built performance and this CPD module focuses on what manufacturers can do and what reflective insulation products - multifoils in particular - can offer.
Through discussing research and development, testing and accreditation procedures, standards and guidance solutions to tackle the Performance Gap are identified including overcoming thermal bridging at construction details through technical design as well as on-site.


This CPD module shows a manufacturer’s view on how closing the performance gap can be achieved by providing trusted products within a building system, robust testing of materials and an open culture of discussion and collaboration between all professionals involved in a construction project.
Duration of CPD module: approximately 1 hour, Knowledge level: General awareness


Learning Objectives

A key aim of ‘Addressing the Performance Gap using reflective insulation’ is for architects, specifiers, building engineers, energy assessors, consultants, building control, developers and other professionals to understand the issues why buildings do not perform as predicted at design stage. This presentation will help professionals to understand important criteria when selecting construction systems and identify trustworthy products and systems. The training content is supplemented by example construction build-ups and a case study.
Core curriculum subjects: Sustainable architecture / Design, construction and technology.


CPD Certification

The CPD module ‘Addressing the performance gap using reflective insulation’ is a RIBA Approved CPD and is also certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service.  
Actis is part of RIBA’s CPD Providers Network and an affiliate member of the CPD Certification Service.



Actis Insulation is a manufacturer of reflective insulation products with over 30 years of innovation and knowledge in insulation solutions. Based in the Languedoc-Roussillon area of France, ACTIS is an SME pan-European company which invests at least 5% of its overall company turnover in Research & Development. Actis has its own in-house laboratory and has been carrying out in-situ real life performance tests to prove products as-built performance for many years.

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